The CFA® Program curriculum is intended for those who are looking out for a career in Investment Banking and Portfolio management. As a world class course, it is tad expensive and also requires dedication on your part to complete the course curriculum. Hence, it requires both investments of time and money. If you are reasonably sure of pursuing a career in finance, and also have a fair idea of your own abilities to crack the exam, you should give this program a try. If you are unsure, you could take up CFA coaching / mock exams being offered by several training institutes to judge if the exam is something you will be able to crack and if the subject matter makes sense for your general situation.

Let’s explore in which situations, CFA® Program would be the right choice for you.

CFA® Program is apt for you if :

1) You are a student and want to strengthen your resume for a career in the financial domain
As mentioned above, pursuing CFA has a strong signalling ability. A candidate who has cleared one or more levels of CFA is seen as more focused and proficient in finance as compared to others. Several students take up this program simultaneously with their regular degrees.

2) You want to switch to the financial domain from any other domain
If you graduated in technology or non-financial field, this certification will give you a foot in the door to various opportunities in the financial domain, without having to do any conventional academic degree in finance.

3) You want to deepen your knowledge in finance
If you are aiming to work in the financial industry or are already working in it, you can pursue this certification to deepen your knowledge and give your career a boost.

4) You want to move to Investment Analysis, Equity Research, Portfolio Management or related roles
If you want to work in the fields mentioned above, CFA will very often be a required certification rather than just a desired one. Employers in these fields often fund the exam fees to encourage employees.

Moreover, other than opening many other avenues, you also get to be a part of the charter fraternity and join a network with peers from all around the globe.

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