Business Analyst - Distance Learning(Books)

Highlights of Business Analytics Distance Learning Program:

1.  Learn how to prepare various analytical models
2.  Learn popular statistical techniques such as Linear Regression, Logistic Regression, Forecasting, etc.
3.  Learn popular data mining techniques such as Classification, Market Basket Analysis, Clustering, etc
4.  Use tools such as MS-Excel, R and SAS to solve real-life case studies.
5.  Be comfortable with the CRISP-DM Methodology starting from Business Understanding to Deployment
6.  Entire training program designed by expert faculty with real world expertise.
7.  Online Forum to get your doubts solved by expert faculty.

What you will get from Proschool?

1.  Instructor led training program.
2.  50 Hours Video Tutorials.
3.  Online study material.
4.  3 real-life case studies across three domains with another 15 data sets

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