CIMA Case Study Mock Exam

IMS Proschool in association with Aptech computers introduces, First time in india : CIMA Case Study Mock Exam for all Operational, Management and Strategic Levels in 17+ Cities.  

With our extensive experience of 38 years in testing students on different competitive exams; we are sure a well-designed mock exam and proper feedback is vital for success in case study exams.

Aptech Centres for Case Study Exam : Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Bhubaneswar, Kolkata, Lucknow, Indore, Jaipur, Cochin, Ahmedabad, Chandigarh and Vizag. For centre address and contact details, Download the Centre List. 

Mock exam simulated in similar conditions as the CIMA case study exam set up on the pre-seen material as the basis. You will be given a set time limit (as you will be in the real exam) and will have to type your answer into a text box in response to the requirements that appear on screen during the exam.

Highlights of the mock exam:

 Based on the pre-seen published by CIMA (available 6 weeks before the case study).
 Mock exam questions based on realistic scenarios similar to CIMA exams. 
 Prepared by expert tutors of CIMA.

What it means for the students

 Familiarity with the exam conditions.
 Understanding of the exam functionality.
 Practice application of theoretical knowledge in realistic scenarios.
 Individual comprehensive feedback (available 5-7 days after the exam).
 3 hrs Live & Interactive session with faculty members on model answers & how to approach the exam.
 Effective revision and practice tool for better preparedness of the exam.
 IMS Proschool is the Global Learning Partner of CIMA.
 IMS Proschool has been awarded Best Learning Partner of the year 2014 in two Categories : " Platinum award for Growth" and "Gold award for Student Progression" by CIMA India.
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 Enroll with IMS Proschool by paying Rs.500 (3days before the mock exam).
 Get confirmation email from IMS Proschool within 36 hours.
 Select Center, book the exam slot and date by registering on Aptech Website.
 Write the Case study Exam at the chosen Aptech Centre.
 Receive customized feedback on your email id within 3 days after the exam.
 Attend the Live & Interactive session of “ Case Study Exam”.

Exam Fees

 Rs.500 Registration fee with IMS Proschool. (No Registration fee for students enrolled with IMS Proschool.). To register with Proschool , click here:
 Rs.700 Registration fee for Aptech exam.
Case Study Exam Schedule for Operational/Managerial/Gateway/Strategic levels: 25th October to 5th November
Note: You need to register with Proschool minimum 3 days before the exam date.

Feedback Session schedules of Oct - Nov Exams:

3 hours Live & Interactive session with faculty members on model answers & how to approach the exam.

Operational Level Case Study: 7th November
Management /Gateway Case Study: 8th November
Strategic Case Study: 9th November
Visit to register for the mock exam. Non-proschool students need to register with Proschool by paying 500/- & thereafter register with Aptech by paying 700/- for the mock exam.
No, you need to pay the Aptech Fees only.
Registration Valid for 6 months.
The registration fee of RS 500 is valid for one case study exam.
A student should register at least 3 days prior to the mock exam.
Once missed, you will have to re-register by paying the same fees again.
There is no maximum limit on number of exams. New registration to be done for each new attempt.
Individual comprehensive feedback available 5-7 days after the exam.
3 hrs Live & Interactive online session with faculty members on model answers & how to approach the exam. You will get an invite to attend the session 1 day before the session.Schedule of the session you can check in “Important dates” tab.
Yes, you will get the recording of sessions (available 1 – 2 days after the session.)
If you have registered for the exam, then you will get pre-seen material 6 weeks before the exam from CIMA.
You will get the soft copy of pre-seen material during the exam.
Yes, you can use Financial Calculators during the exam.