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About Digital Marketing

Till recently, marketing was either about newspapers/TV ads or Hoardings/events. But technological revolution in last few years like mobile phones, social-media, emails, Google-Search Engine, YouTube videos, online shopping sites etc., have taken the place of the conventional marketing platforms. Today this medium is growing at rate twice that of conventional media and gaining share. This means; one that digital marketing is where the opportunities are and two, current professionals have to learn this medium to survive and thrive.

Why Digital Marketing?

Reach: Over 46 million Indians are using the internet. There is no other way to reach so many of them at one place.

Customization: Digital mediums provide insights on the characteristics of your audience: choices, age, gender, spending pattern, etc., which enables you to customize your campaigns and target the right audience. 

Affordable:  Since Digital media can target specific customers, they tend to be cost efficient compared to TV ad or print campaign.

Measurable: It is easier to measure performance of digital marketing activities, since all data sets can be captured real-time to gauge the effectiveness of your strategies.

Greater engagement: Digital marketing encourages your prospective clients to engage with your brand through various activities such as visiting your website, reading about your products and services, rating them, furnishing feedback, etc.

Why Digital Marketing for you?

Job seekers: Every institution needs to market their product/services to survive the competition. With riding popularity of digital mediums, digital marketing has become a booming sector. According to Nasscom, there are jobs not only in Indian companies, but IT and KPO companies too, wherein overseas clients outsource the digital marketing activities to back offices.

Entrepreneur: In this era of start-ups, budding entrepreneurs can greatly benefit from digital marketing activities to expand their business.

Professionals: For working professionals, digital marketing can help you have an additional edge over your peers and gain entry in this highly lucrative field.

Students:  Students from any domain can greatly benefit from digital marketing, be it employment or their own venture. 

Why do a course in Digital Marketing?

Target new age jobs

This is the fastest growing segment within marketing. Acquiring skills in this area can help you target jobs in this segment.
It further opens up opportunities in the areas like marketing analytics and help you to move up the value chain.

Upgrade yourself as a marketing professional

Every marketing professional needs to understand this new area to continue to grow
Helps you to look at the marketing strategy comprehensively whether you are a brand manager or client servicing guy in advertising


After intensive research and consultation from expert professionals, Proschool has designed a Digital Marketing Course with a learning process that is a unique blend of theoretical and practical concepts. At Proshool, we have gone an inch further to help candidates understand digital marketing in the real sense. Candidates will be using world's first Simulating Platform on Digital Marketing, to apply their knowledge and analyze their performance. Further, you will be applying learnt skill sets in a real business case under the mentorship of an expert.

How Proschool program is different from others:

(A) Conceptual Learning: 

Proschool offers instructor led training program to provide conceptual learning on all the essential topics of digital marketing. It gives you an opportunity to learn and grow in a collaborative environment by working on real-life case studies. Conditions as defined by budget constraints, team coordination, campaign goals, etc, would drive your experience and help you grow by collaborating with your peers.

Study Text

The training material have been used by leading universities of the world such as Columbia University, UCLA, The University of IOWA, Southwestern University, University of Minnesota, etc.

(B) Simulation Learning

When it comes to Internet Marketing, it’s all about testing, analyzing the results, implementing changes, and testing once again. You will benefit greatly from performing these tests in a simulated environment in alignment with real life business cases.


Simple to use & very intuitive
Sensibly short tutorial, and guidance notes on screen
Opportunity to ‘think’ about it
Instant gratification when results are returned
Ability to see what you have done in some detail with key metrics
Has a competitive feel and edge when using in a crowd
Generates excitement and further participation

Unlike normal learning environment, wherein you'll merely learn using various tools; in a simulated study, you'll be able to understand its practical application and measure its performance. Based on Artificial intelligence, the system will enlighten you with the number of clicks or leads you would have generated in the real environment. Accordingly, you can modify your strategy and tweak the campaign, till your strategy achieves desired results.

How does it work

The Pro Simulation is the #1 web marketing simulation in the WORLD. Students compete in a controlled environment with their peers as a newly hired online marketing manager for a digital camera company. While getting hands-on experience in a laundry list of e-marketing skills adhering to a campaign budget, students can experience challenges that exist in the real world.

Benefits of simulation:

Simple to use & very intuitive
Sensibly short tutorial, and guidance notes on screen
Opportunity to ‘think’ about it
Instant gratification when results are returned
Ability to see what you have done in some detail with key metrics
Has a competitive feel and edge when using in a crowd
Generates excitement and further participation

(C) Project Based Leaning

During the course of the 2 months project, each team will be allotted a business case. Under the guidance of your mentor, you'll design and implement digital marketing strategies and apply knowledge gained throughout the training.


1. Team work
2. Application of all the concepts in a real-life scenario
3. Make you job ready
4. Additional Project Experience from a Digital Marketing agency

 Process of Project Experience

Completion of training program
Formation of team
Allotment of a mentor and a business case
Understanding  the business requirement from the perspective of a business owner 
Designing  SEO strategies
Designing and running Facebook, Adwords, emails & other campaigns
Measuring the success of campaigns
Final Evaluation of campaign by Digital Agency

It is mandatory for candidates to clear internal exams before allotment of project.
Candidates are required to pay Rs.5000-7000 approximately to Google, Facebook to run ad campaigns.

Course Outline

Internet Marketing Foundations
Technical terms 
Successful website
How Search Engines Work
Google search algorithm
Google updates
On Site SEO
Choose target keywords phrases
Quality and  other SEO considerations
Off Site SEO
Popularity metrics
Link building
Paid Search Marketing
Paid search advertising – Explained
Anatomy of text ads
Effective Ad copy
The Math and vocabulary of PPC
Buying Ad space
Keyword Research
Analyzing Keyword Data
Google Adwords – Account structure
Display Advertising
Understanding Display network
Targeting the right audience
Banner Ad design
Optimizing Banner Ads
Consistent Messaging
Landing Page Optimization
Types of Landing pages
Elements of  landing page
Conversion rate optimization
Introduction: How analytics works
Key Metrics
Key Performance indicators
Making better decisions with Analytics
Email Marketing
Introduction: Email list capture
Email content
Measuring success
Avoiding Spam filters
Customer relationship management
Social Media 1
Introduction: Social media myths
Social Media plan
Defining the objective
Social media content
Distributing and Promoting
Measuring success
Facebook advertising
Social Media 2
Introduction: Twitter
Introduction: Pinterest
Introduction: Youtube
Introduction: Linkedin
Introduction: Instagram
Online Reputation Management
Introduction: Monitoring Brands
Responding to negative content
Creating positive content
Content marketing / Blogging/Influencer marketing
Beginners guide to content marketing
Blogging for beginners
Understanding influencer marketing
Digital Tools to Evaluate Campaigns
Demystifying digital campaigns
Identify right success metrics for a campaign
Free tools to identify campaign metrics: Google analytics
Mobile Apps & ASO
Introduction: App store optimization
Why ASO is important?
Step by step guide to achieve ASO
Affiliate Marketing
Introduction to Affiliate Marketing
Demystifying the world of affiliate marketing


CompletionIMS Proschool  - Partner of NSDC – Govt of India.
GoogleProschool program will help you to clear Google Certifications Adwords Fundamentals, Search Advertising, Display Advertising, Mobile Advertising & Video Advertising.
Proschool will help you to prepare for Facebook Advertising Core Competencies Exam. 
After clearing this exam, you can apply for either  the Facebook Certified Planning Professional or the Facebook Certified Buying Professional.
Project Experience LetterProject Experience letter from a Google Certified Ad agency or E-commerce companies.

About IMS Proschool

  1. IMS Proschool and its parent organization has educated more than 3 lakhs candidates for different competitive exams and professional course such as CFA, CFP, CIMA, CPA , Digital Marketing, etc.

  2. Proschool has also trained 20,000+ employees of reputed financial organizations on Data Analytics , Digital Marketing, Financial Analysis, Wealth Management, Financial Planning, Equity Research, etc.

  3. Proschool is the partner of NSDC –Ministry of Skill Development, Govt of India.

  4. Proschool is the first education provider in India to leverage the power of Simulation Technology to impart awareness around Digital Marketing. The method allows course participants an opportunity to garner real life experience towards learning and problem solving.

  5. Proschool’s digital marketing course has been specifically designed and updated to include latest industry trends which would allow participants to expand their knowledge base while remaining abreast of industry developments.

Digital Marketing FAQ'S

To learn digital marketing all you need is passion to learn. Digital marketing professionals are from various fields such as arts, commerce, IT, Marketing, etc.

Students need to have knowledge of basic browsing skills, MS word & must have used digital marketing mediums such as Facebook, email, YouTube as customers.
Proschool's program is different in terms of learning to implementation in real life. We have included simulation and project based learning to ensure whatever you have learned in the program can be implemented successfully in the real business scenario.
You'll be made job-ready through the training, certifications and Project Experience. Apart from that, Proschool's placement team will provide you 100% placement assistance through our dedicated job-portal.

In case you miss any of the classes, you will get the recorded sessions of the same topic, which will help you to understand the concepts and in the next class.

Yes, Proschool has dedicated Q & A forum handle by experts wherein you can ask your query and get the reply with 24 hours.
Your mentor in the project will be a Google Certified professional with over 4 -5 years of experience in Digital Marketing. 
Akin to real corporate experience, wherein team members work under the guidance of a leader, your mentor will guide on how to take appropriate decisions
During the interview, you can demonstrate your expertise on digital marketing through the success of your project rather than merely speaking about theoretical knowledge learnt through Digital Marketing.
In your first job or assignment in digital marketing, initially you will be working only on one aspect of Digital Marketing such as SEO Analyst or PPC  Executive  but in the project, you will gain experience of using all the tools of digital marketing.
Simulation engine provides you an opportunity to test your strategies and how they will perform in a real life environment. You can revise your strategies time and again to check which works best in alignment to your marketing goals.
Proschool program will help you to prepare for 5 certifications offered by Google, viz: Adwords Fundamentals, Search Advertising, Display Advertising, Mobile Advertising, & Video Advertising. We will also help you in getting access to study resources and sample questions required to clear these examinations.
Proschool will help you to prepare for Facebook Advertising Core Competencies Exam. After clearing this exam, you can apply for either Facebook Certified Planning Professional or the Facebook Certified Buying Professional

Student Reviews

Swati Joshi, CEO – Influenshine, Author:  “Untangling the Web: Developing a Blueprint for Digital Marketing.”

Sharique Khan – CoFounder Splitkart
Sarchana, Sr Manager - Wadi.com
Zuhaib Khan – CoFounder Shopatplaces.com