CFA is becoming a benchmark qualification in the field of Investments. Many students and working professionals are planning to pursue this qualification. But before they embark, they want to see the sample study material, which helps them in understanding the content of qualification, as well as the depth of the content.

This eBook gets you started on that journey. The content of the book is presented in a power-point format, which will help you to go through the content easily and quickly. This eBook also includes a sample Multiple- choice question list, which also includes all the answers and explanations


  • Financial Statement analysis : An Introduction
  • Financial Statement analysis Understanding Income statement
  • Financial Statement analysis :Understanding Balance Sheet
  • Quantitative Methods: Time Value of Money
  • Equity Investments: Overview of Equity Securities
  • Equity Valuation Concepts and Basic Tools
  • Corporate Finance: Cost of Capital
  • Fixed Income: Fixed Income securities Defining Elements
  • Fixed Income :Introduction to fixed income valuation
  • Economics: Understanding Business cycles