Managing your money is as important as earning it. There are several examples including former US president who have gone bankrupt. So financial planning is not a course, it is a life skill that everyone one of us must have.

This books gets you started on that journey. Whether you want to be a financial planning or wealth management professional or you simply want to manage your own money, this book is for you.

Content  :

  • Introduction to Financial Planning
  • Assessing your current wealth
  • Income/Expenses and Cashflow statement
  • Budgeting
  • Setting budgeting goals
  • Developing a spending plan
  • Time Value of money
  • Financial planner toolkit
  • Protecting your wealth
  • How can you manage risk
  • Risk and Insurance
  • The principles of Insurance
  • The Insurance contract
  • Health Insurance
  • Personal property & Liability Insurance
  • Insurance of business risk
  • Government regulation of Insurance
  • Insurance companies
  • Growing your net worth
  • Fundamentals of Investment planning