A few decades back, data or password being stolen was big news. However, today it has become common and rampant. If such notorious hacking can happen on renowned portals with top-class security measures, you can see how grave the situation is. There is so much that still remains to be achieved on the cybersecurity front. This is a mammoth task, considering the quantum of digital exposure these days. To boost cyber safety to exponential levels, there is a massive requirement of highly-skilled professionals.

Thus, a career in Cybersecurity is a highly coveted one in today’s scenario. In this e-cook we will understand why Cybersecurity is so essential, what is the scope of a Cybersecurity professional in India, and how can you get there. Keep Reading.

Content :

  • What is Cybersecurity
  • Why is Cybersecurity important?
  • Skills required for a career in Cybersecurity
  • Top Profiles of Cybersecurity professionals
  • How to become a cybersecurity professional qualifications and certifications
  • Day in the life of a cybersecurity professional
  • Upcoming trends in the industry