Sample Financial Models Using Excel

Excel Financial Models submitted by students for NSE India’s Financial Modeling Certification Exam. These sample models will give you an overview  of financial modeling of different sectors. You can download both the models as well as report. To know more about Financial Modeling Certification  click here

Download Financial Models & report

1) Gail India_Ltd by Disha Vyas: Distance learning, Mumbai Model Report

2) Mindtree Model by Neerav Koli, Distance learning student , Mumbai Model Report

3) Aurobindo Pharma by Gopal Sathis Kumar, Distance Learning Student, Chennai Model Report

4) Tata Steel by Gourav Agarwal: classroom program Model Report

5) TCS Ltd. model by Syed Ibrahim Classroom student: Model Report

Testimonial :

I was in the first batch of Financial Modeling. All though I was not sure that I will get a financial research job with my previous background of MIS at L&T Finance. IMS Proschool really made that happen they not only gave opportunity to attend interview but also spend quality time with me to prepare for each and every interview. I will always to thankful to IMS Proschool in my life. -Ritesh Sharma (Care Rating)

I am an Ex. Student of IMS Proschool for Financial Modeling  program. The program has a very focussed approach and it helped me to start a career in equity research which was my cherished dream for more than 5 years. While hiring Equity Research Analyst we give preference to IMS Financial Modeling Students.- Rajesh Padmashali (Outlook Profit)

I completed Financial Modeling program throught Distance Learning. Initially , I was apprehensive about learning thought Distance Learning. But entire program was very user friendly and recorded videos on how to prepare financial models helped me a lot in preparing financial model of a company from scratch. It is helping me in my work of equity research. -Praveen Sahu (Distance Learning Students)

The modeling program helped me a lot in understanding overall equtiy market. Now I feel more confident in guiding my clients on equity market. -Balwir Chawla  (Certified Financial Planner CM).

I found this financial modeling program  to be extremely relevant for careers in equity research, investment banking and business analysis. It was an excellent learning experience. I now feel much more confident with excel and finance/accounting concepts which helped me overcome by inhibitions to face interviews. -Vikas Jain (Student: MBA in Finance).

I think every MBA (Finance) student who is serious in making his career in investment banking, equity research, portfolio management should pursue this program . This program will bring both knowledge that will make you ready for work from day one and credibility as the examination body in NSE India. -Gayatri Prasad ( Student: MBA in Finance)

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