Financial Analysis Courses

IMS Proschool offers various short term and long term globally recognized courses to prepare candidates for careers in Financial Analysis. We offer these courses in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi & Hyderabad.

In the financial services industry, Financial Analysis plays a very important role. Financial Analysts research macroeconomic and microeconomic conditions, study financial statements – Cash Flow Statement, Balance Sheet and Income Statement - to understand ratios and deduce other financial information in order to make business, sector and industry recommendations to the company.
Financial analysts work for Equity Research companies, Banks, KPOs, Investment Firms, Insurance Companies, Investment Banks and Individual Companies.
Some responsibilities of a financial analyst would include:
• Analyzing financial information to estimate forecasts for the industry, business, & economic environment in order to make investment decisions.
• Preparing spreadsheets, graphs, and charts to help illustrate financial trends regarding inflation, interest rate, etc.
• Presenting financial information such as – Cash Flow Statement, Balance Sheet and Income Statement to managers.
• Preparing revenue and expense forecasts in order to make financial decisions
• Creating and reviewing financial records of a company
• Maintaining knowledge and staying abreast of keep abreast of new regulations or policies in business law, taxation, financial reporting regulations that may affect investment policy.
Financial Modeling ( NSE India Certification)

If you are looking for a short term hands on program to kick start your career in Financial Analysis, then Financial Modeling is the relevant program for you. The syllabus includes extensive coverage of Financial Statements Analysis, besides training the candidate in Economic Analysis (this helps to understand the macro-economic situation and can be used to infer a company’s financial status in economic upswings and downswings). In addition, the course also includes studies on Financial Markets and Financial Management. View more here.

CIMA (World’s largest professional body of Management Accountants)

If you are looking for a globally recognized qualification which can help you to get a foot-hold in Financial Analysis, then the CIMA is the relevant program for you. The CIMA syllabus trains candidates in Financial Accounting, Mergers and Acquisitions, Valuations, Corporate Finance, Regulatory Reporting etc. The CIMA certification therefore gives the candidate a comprehensive grooming in finance analysis.  More than 4000 MNC recruits CIMA Qualified Professionals.  Average salary of CIMA Professionals in India is above Rs.8 lakhs. View more here.

Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Analysis and Modeling

If you are pursuing graduation or are a fresh graduate and are interested in building a long term career in Equity Research, then the 9 months PG Diploma in Financial Analysis & Modeling is the ideal program for you.   This program will also help you to prepare for the world’s leading qualification in the field of Investment Analysis i.e. the CFA Program. View more here.