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Financial Modeling 08th May 2022
IMS Proschool Online center has successfully trained more than 1000 students for the NSE Academy Certified Financial Modeling course.

CFA Level 1 Training program 08th May 2022
We have more than 50 expert faculty providing exceptional CFA training.


NSE Academy Certified – Business Analytics Course : 08th May 2022
IMS Proschool has been Ranked No.4 PAN-India for best quality Analytics training by Analytics India Magazine in Nov. 2018.


ACCA Course: 22nd April 2022
Official training partner of ACCA in India, IMS Proschool offers cutting-edge learning experience in Knowledge, Skill, and Professional Level classes.

IFRS CourseUpcoming
With weekend-only classes, our IFRS course is aimed at providing best of Finance/Accounting teaching to budding professionals also along with exclusive NSE certification & ACCA Dip. IFRS certification.

Activities – Proschool Live Virtual Classes (Online)

Workshop for ICICI Bank Corporate training for Certified Financial Planning course for year 2017-2018 :

IMS Proschool online has conducted a 6-days intensive daily workshop for ICICI Bank employees. The sessions were in line with our Certified Financial Planning program. It was more of a corporate training wherein employees were thrilled to upgrade their Financial Planning skills. The workshop helped around 13 candidates across India.

Faculty – Live Virtual Classes (Online)

Himanshu Shah

Mr. Shah is a postgraduate diploma holder in Management. He forms an amazing part of IMS Proschool teaching faculty since 2013. Mr. Shah has been training students for Financial Modeling and Chartered Financial Analysis for more than 5 years. He has been taking live virtual sessions as well as real-time classes.

Priyanka Roy

She is one of our best teaching faculty for accounts and finance. Ms. Roy is an ACCA and CIMA qualification holder. She also has more than 8 years’ experience in management accounting and business management. IMS Proschool online center has been associated with her for more than 5 years now.

Vijaya Swaminathan

Vijaya Mam is one of our most prominent teaching faculty, especially for accounting. She has been teaching professional accounting courses to our online students since 2013. Students are thrilled to attend live IFRS sessions conducted by her. Vijaya mam is a Chartered Accountant by profession along with ACCA holder.

Abhishek Somani

A Certified Financial Planner by profession, Mr. Somani has more than 5 years’ experience in taking CFP live classes. He has been teaching Certified Financial Planning since 2013. Students are always amazed to learn from him as he mixes best of theory and practical knowledge.


Had enrolled with IMS proschool Live Virtual Classes !To get deeper understanding of the field of Data Science and Machine Learning.It offered the best course available.This course has been helpful to me for my deeper understanding of Data Science and it’s applications.Support was kind and good.

Joined CFA Level 1 training at IMS Proschool to acquire the skills required to make a shift to the investment industry after a career break Proschool provides online class training (Live Virtual Class).The teaching was excellent which helped me to understand the concepts easily. There was no need for memorizing the formulas.

Opted for Investment banking & Capital Market course Because I wanted to learn about the basics of Finance, I chosed IMS proschool because their curriculum looked just right and I trusted the brand name also my exp with Proschool was Brilliant. Excellent support from Non-teaching staff.

It helps provide a thorough preparation for the CIMA Gateway Exam.Proschool is certified by CIMA and it makes is absolutely no legit and they know the exact requirements about how to prep you for the Gateway Exam.It was super. The staff and teachers were very helpful. They provided guidance and support at every step of my course. Thank you.They were very prompt in answering the queries.All in all it was wonderful experience with Proschool.