IFRS Course in Pune

Upcoming Batch

IMS Proschool is starting a batch of IFRS Course - Weekend Batch in Pune from 24th March 2018.

About IFRS

International Accounting Standard Board (IASB) sets certain accounting standards and principles called the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). These are being rapidly taken up as global standards by many countries for preparation of financial statements, to enable uniform reporting. India has adopted Ind-AS as a step towards convergence with IFRS. 

Course Highlights

•   The IFRS certification is offered in association with NSE India which is India’s largest Finance Certification body. 
•   Certification from NSE India is valid for lifetime.
•   Get additional certification in Ind-AS and 10 hours of training for Dip IFRS (ACCA) from IMS Proschool at no additional cost.
•   Attempt Cert IFRS examinations (ACCA) without any further coaching
•   Ready study resources ranging from reading material, recorded videos, home assignments, quizzes, interactive forum and others are provided.

Course Content
•   The nature and operations of the IASB
•   The status and use of IFRSs around the world
•   Presentation and profit
•   Accounting for assets and liabilities - part 1
•   Accounting for assets and liabilities - part 2
•   Group accounting
•   Disclosure standards
•   Principal differences between UK/US GAAP, IFRS & Ind AS

About the Center

Pune- the “Oxford of the East” attracts millions of students each year from across the globe.  IMS Proschool’s Pune center is situated in a well-connected neighbourhood and is equipped with state-of the-art facilities and expert faculty. Our vision is an extension of our parent body and we believe in helping students develop skill sets that are pivotal in making them job-ready and acceptable as qualified professionals.


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Student Reviews

“They have great teachers who have in-depth knowledge of their field. The administration is cooperative. A lot of importance is given to internal assessments, which is good because it kept our performance in check.” – Amrit Khasan

"The administration is vigilant and friendly. All the queries and issues are resolved on time. They also organise repeat sessions on demand for those who miss their classes due to various reasons."  - Manvin Sinha