Certificate In “Advance Macros And VBA” For Finance

IMS Proschool, India’s leading training provider of Finance Certification, offers Certificate & training in “Advance Macros & VBA for Finance”. The training on “Advance Macros and VBA” helps in developing complex financial models & automatize repetitive task. Only those candidates who will successfully clear NSE India – Financial Modeling Certification Course will get training & certificate on “Advance VBA and Macros” & “Investment Banking – M&A”

In Finance, Macros and VBA for Excel is commonly used to develop and maintain complex financial models. They allow the finance professional to increase efficiency and accuracy as well as providing more flexibility in building models
  • Macros: Macros are a great way of automating mundane financial modelling tasks that would have taken a lot of time. For example, while preparing a financial model, you need to format certain cells in particular type across all the sheets. Macros will help you to record this repetitive task and help you to copy the formatting across all the sheets.
  • Visual Basic For Applications allows a lot of customization beyond what is typically available in Excel. A user types commands to create a macro. Macros allow the user to automatically generate customized charts,reports and perform other data processing functions.
  • Understanding Macros and VBA
  • What are macros and VBIDE
  • Recording Macros
  • Stepping into the code
  • Understanding basics of coding
  • Understanding objects and control statements in VBA code
  • Application of macros to Financial modeling
               o Developing solution to circular reference problem
               o Developing sensitivity table
               o Developing scenario analysis
               o Developing simulation
               o Examples will be based on project models
  • Build complex financial models
  • Automate repetitive tasks
  • Solve circular reference problem
  • Create Custom formats for making standard reports
  • Create automated charts
  • Create financial models with simulation
  • Build custom formula in excel like CAPM model, BS Model
  • Develop sensitivity table and scenario analysis
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