Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much investment is needed to setup an IMS Proschool Franchisee? 
The initial investment varies from Rs. 10 – 15 Lacs., depending upon the type of city, location, products offered and many other factors.
  • What will be approximate rate of return on investment? 
We expect the center to at-least achieve operating break-even within 12 months and achieve a payback between 24 to 30 months. Effective local marketing and quality delivery of service can help achieve significantly better financial rewards.
  • What supports is provided by IMS Proschool to Business Partner? 
Besides providing the Brand, products, operating systems and initial setup guidance, we provide ongoing support. This includes study material, online/offline product support, student certification, training of faculties and counselors, online marketing, marketing collateral and institutional tie-ups.
  • What are the prerequisites to become an IMS Proschool Professional Partner? 
A prospective business partner should be Professionally qualified (MBA from top B-schools, CA, CIMA, CFA, CFP), should be willing to teach and should have more than 3 years of work experience and should be willing to be personally involved.
  • How many partners I can have to open up an IMS Proschool center? 
There is no restriction on the number of partners you may have. IMS gets into agreement with the firm set up by you individually or with your partners. But, we recommend that you should not have more than 3 partners.
  • What is the space requirement to set up an IMS Proschool Franchisee?
Centre space required is 800 to 2000 sq. ft of carpet area. This depends upon the type of city, courses offered, location and other parameters. Proschool Franchisee gets complete guidelines related to space requirement before the launch. You can also tie-up with some existing colleges/institutions for sharing premises.
  • Whether one partner can open more than one IMS Proschool centre? 
Yes, it is possible to set up more than one IMS centre.
  • Is any financial help is provided by IMS Proschool to partner?
No, IMS Proschool doesn’t offer any financial assistance.
  • For how many years agreement keeps valid? 
Agreement validity with IMS Proschool is for three years. It is renewed after the end of third year depending upon terms and conditions at that point of time.
  • Who does the faculty recruitment; IMS Proschool or Business Partner? 
Faculty recruitment is done by Business Partner with IMS Proschool help. Job description for each position is provided by IMS Proschool to partner, based on that applications are invited. Selection is done with the help of IMS Proschool Manager for respective territory. Finally after recruitment training is provided by the company.
  • When does the centre location get finalized and what support is provided by IMS Proschool to select one? 
It is the responsibility of business partner to find suitable location as per IMS Proschool specifications. Once partner shortlists some 2-3 better locations, a final approval comes from IMS Proschool after site visit.