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About PGP Management Accounting

IMS Proschool has introduced a dedicated 9 months full-time / weekend PGP program in Management Accounting for both – students and working professionals. The program design has been approved by CIMA. Hence candidates with Proschool’s PGP-MA certification can directly appear for the Master Gateway examination of CIMA and are exempt from 11 exams out of 16 exams.

Career opportunities after PGP MA

1. PGP MA offers the shortest way to complete the world’s leading qualification in Business & Finance – CIMA Qualification and CGMA , a joint designation by CIMA and AICPA (World’s leading accounting body)

2. PGPMA offers careers opportunities in the field of

PGP in Management Accounting Advantages:

  • Accounting and Finance Career with a Management Focus

  • Cost and Time-Effective
  • Shortest route to the CIMA qualification
  • Applicants enrolling for PGPMA will get 11 exemptions out of 16 exams in CIMA Qualification.
  • Flexible design for Students as well as Working Professionals
  • Comprehensive classroom study that prepares you for the CIMA Master gateway exam

Details of PGP in Management Accounting:

  • 9 months program

  • Classes conducted on weekend for working professionals and on weekdays for students
  • Eligibility: Bcom/BBA/BAF (Student in final year of graduation can also apply)
  • Faculty Members: All the faculty members have professional qualifications such as CIMA, CA, MBA from IIMs , CFA

Employers’ choice – Globally

  • PGP MA will gear you towards the CIMA Professional qualification which is a passport to a global career because it is highly valued by employers. It is held in high esteem in 177 countries around the world and is in great demand because of its strategic and managerial focus. Nearly 4500 companies have become training partners for the CIMA. Some of them are:

Who can apply?

The candidate should be a Bcom or a BBA graduate with minimum 55% or above. Final year candidates may also apply. Final year candidates should have a minimum of 60% or above in 10+2 or equivalent . Students with less than 55% may be considered for the program provided they have relevant experience or relevant qualification i.e. (other than Bcom/BBA).


If you are a Bcom graduate or in the final year of your graduation then you have to appear for 10 exams in order to become a CIMA Qualified Professional. PGP Management Accounting provides you another route to pursue the CIMA: after 9-months of PGP MA you only have to write 5 exams instead of 17 exams i.e. you will get exemptions for 12 exams. The PGP Management Accounting course will not only build a strong foundation in Management Accounting but also increase your chances of becoming CIMA qualified by eliminating 12 exams.

The regular route to complete the CIMA Professional Qualification requires a person to clear 17 exams. This route takes at least 2.5 to 3 years. In comparison, if a person successfully completes the PGPMA, he/she just has to clear 5 exams which can be done in 1 year time.
The syllabus of PGP Management Accounting is devised after taking into account the syllabus of Operational & Managerial levels. The learning and testing pattern for the PGP MA program will be on similar lines as that of CIMA qualification. This learning and testing pattern is aimed at preparing candidates for the Gateway Assessment Exam.
A person completing PGP in Management Accounting can work as a Financial Analyst, Business Analyst, Treasury Manager, Financial Reporting Manager, Management Accountant, Cost Accountant, and Project Finance etc.
If you are not able to clear the Gateway Assessment Exam in your first attempt, then you can attend refresher classes from IMS Proschool at no cost. Moreover, IMS Proschool will assist in getting jobs (Note: Proschool will provide job assistance not job guarantee)


I didn't want a two-year MBA, and at the same time I was looking for some course in the field of finance which is globally recognized, I found that the CIMA professional qualification was a perfect fit for me as it is globally recognised. To complete CIMA, I joined IMS Proschool PGP MA as it is the fastest way to become CIMA professional. Vikas Gupta – KPMG

PGP in Management accounting course is designed by IMS Proschool which is very structured, systematically with each of CIMA pillars placed logically. Hence this shall help me in completing the CIMA Professional Qualification.
ProSchool training is satisfactory and especially their experienced faculties are very cooperative.
Aishwarya Viswanath – KPMG Employee

PGP MA at IMS Proschool will help to gain the knowledge required to complete CIMA. IMS Proschool staff is very supportive and helpful in terms of clearing our doubts.
Sunil Senapati – BNY Employee

At IMS Proschool, a dedicated team of members look after the needs of students and help them to prepare for CIMA in an organized and efficient manner.
Shenaz Khan – BNY Employee

PGP MA will help me to get directly into the gateway exam; it will help me reduce the time to complete CIMA. I strongly recommend the PGP MA program to all those who are looking for CIMA and a strong career in finance.
Shubhodeep Banerjee – BNY Employee

Term 1

Management Accounting (C1, P1)
The context of management accounting
Cost classification & measurement
Dealing with overheads
Activity Based Costing (ABC)
Other costing techniques
Break even analysis
Relevant costs and Decision-Making
Variance analysis: calculations
Variance analysis: discussion elements
Budgetary framework
Budgetary control
Organization Management (E1)
The different purposes of organisations
Organisation structure
Governance, regulation, ethics and corporate social responsibility
The contemporary transformation of the finance function
Emerging IS trends and their role in supporting organisational strategy and operations
Tools and techniques of operations management
The Market Planning Process and the Marketing
Appraisal, training and development, motivation and retention
Financial Accounting (F1)
Introduction to single entity accounts-IAS 1
The Regulatory Framework
The Conceptual Framework
Non-current Assets IFRS 5, IAS 16,23,36,38
Government grants and investment properties (IAS 20 and IAS 40)
IAS, 2, 8, 10,  34 and IFRS 8,
IAS 19 Employment benefits
IAS 7 (Statement of Cash flows)
Short Term Finance & Working Capital Management
Managerial Economics
The goals and decisions of organisations
Profit maximisation objective and theory of costs
Government policies and National Income
The Financial System I
The Financial System II
The Global Business Environment
Governance and Regulation in the Global
Business Environment
Business Communication
Essentials of English Writing I
Essentials of English Writing II
Business Communication

Term 2

Management Accounting II (P2)
Activity Based Costing & Management
The modern business environment
Costing techniques
Learning curves
The pricing decision
Responsibility centres
Performance measures and budgetary control 
Alternative measures of performance 
Transfer pricing 1
Relationship Management (E2)
The concept of strategy and the rational approach to strategy development
Alternative approaches to strategy
Competitive advantage
The nature of the global business environment
Competitor analysis
Leadership and management
HRM approaches to managing and controlling
Behavioural aspects of control
Organisational culture
Financial Reporting (F2)
Analysis and interpretation of financial accounts
Consolidated statement of financial position
Consolidated statement of comprehensive income
Associates and joint ventures
Revenue (IAs 18)
Construction contract(IAS 11)
Leases (IAS 17)
Provisions –IAS 37
Financial instruments – IAS 32 and 39
Share-based payments-IFRS 2
Deferred taxation – IAS 12
Report Writing
Essentials of Report Writing

Drafting a report
Financial Management
Basic of Excel
Advance Excel
Project Finance on Excel

Term 3

Advanced Management Accounting (P2)
Transfer pricing 2
Investment appraisal techniques
Further aspects of investment appraisal
The treatment of uncertainty and risk in decision making
Risk management
Collecting and using information
Advanced Financial Reporting  1 (F2)
Group statement of cash flows
Sources of finance
IAS 24: related parties
Changes in group structure, Consolidated Statement of change in equity
Complex groups
Foreign currency translation
Relationship & Project Management (E2)
Building, leading and managing teams
Techniques for managing organisational relationships
The finance function and managing its relationship
Managing organisational change
Managing projects
Project management tools and techniques
People and projects
Advance Financial Reporting 2, Exam Type
IASB: Extant standards of the IASB, The use of IFRS around the world, The IASB roadmap, The annual IASB bound volume and its use.
IFRS 15- Revenue from contracts with customers, IAS 36 -  Impairment of assets, IAS 41 Agriculture, IFRS 6 - Exploration for and evaluation of mineral resources, IAS 29 - Financial reporting in hyperinflationary economies, IAS 34 - Interim financial reporting, IFRS 4, Insurance contracts, IFRS 1 - First time adoption of IFRS,
Principal differences between UK/US GAAP and IFRS, Proposals for change
Revision of F1 & F2 Syllabus for Cert IFRS

About IMS Proschool

  1. IMS Proschool along with its parent organization has trained more than 3 lakh candidates for different competitive exams and professional course such as CFA, CFP, CIMA, CPA etc

  2. Proschool has trained more than 16,000 employees of different financial organizations on diverse topics such as Financial Analysis, Wealth Management, Financial Planning, Equity Research, Management Accounting etc.
  3. Proschool is the official learning provider of CIMA
  4. Success Ratio: Pass success ratio of IMS Proschool for CIMA Exams is 75% which is way above the global average of 50%.