Terms and Conditions

The below mentioned Terms & Conditions apply to all courses/services/products of IMS Proschool Pvt Ltd

Admission Policy

All required documents pertaining to admissions viz. Educational Proof, Govt photo Id etc will be required to be submitted at the time of admission. IMS Proschool Pvt Ltd., reserves the right to suspend/deactivate online access of study material in case of non-submission of the mandatory documents. No refund of fees will be done in case of such event.

Admission of Foreign Nationals

  • Foreign Nationals can get admission only for select courses of IMS Proschool Pvt Ltd.
  • Candidate will have to submit proof of his/her nationality. Passport is a mandatory document for admissions.
  • Fee Structure is different for Foreign Nationals

Admission Validity

Every Course/Program of IMS Proschool Pvt Ltd is of specific duration. You need to complete the course within the specified duration. All online access provided to you during the course will automatically get deactivated on completion of your course.


Payment can be made by Cheque/DD/Credit Card/Debit Card/Online/NEFT. Your admission/enrollment is subject to realization of the payment.

Note: Cheque/DD – Cheques should be drawn in favour of IMS Proschool Pvt Ltd., payable in Mumbai (Dishonored/ Bounced Cheques will attract a penalty of Rs.300/-)

Delayed Installments Penalty

A sum of Rs.1000/- per month for short term (less than 9 months) program and Rs.1000 per month for long term (9 months or more) program would be levied if installments are not paid before the due date.

Admission/Batch Transfer Policy

In case you wish to transfer your admission/enrolment to any another centre of IMS Proschool Pvt Ltd OR you wish to transfer your batch/shift to another batch you will be required to pay the Transfer Fee. The transfer fee for short term (less than 9 months) program is Rs.4,000/and Rs.12,000 for long term (9 months or more) program. It is mandatory that you clear/settle all your current dues before applying for transfer.

Note: Fee paid for a specific program/course is not transferable to any other program/course.

Change of Course/Program opted

Fee paid for a specific program/course is not transferable nor can it be adjusted against any other program/course. You will need to pay additionally for the new course/program.

Cancellation of Admission

Cancellation of admission can be done within 48 hours of making the payment. Fee under such circumstances will be refunded by deducting Rs.500/- as processing fee. No refund will be done if you fail to inform about cancellation within the stipulated time.  

Refund Policy

Fees once paid shall not be refunded under any circumstances.

Code of conduct

Proschool reserves the right to take disciplinary action against you or even expel you from the training program in case of any acts of misbehavior/ in appropriate behavior or you are caught in any illegal/ fraudulent  activities. You cannot claim any refund under such circumstances.

Student Redressal

The students can register their grievances and complaints on support@proschoolonline.com.
Click Here to know more about the redressal process.

General Terms & Condition

  • Any revision in any fee will be at the discretion of IMS Proschool Pvt Ltd and shall be updated on the website time to time. 
  • Courseware ,content and Fees Structure  may be changed at the discretion of IMS Proschool Pvt Ltd.
  • IMS Proschool reserves the right to prepare the program schedule and modify the same.
  • IMS Proschool reserves the right to cancel or reschedule any class on prior notice.
  • IMS Proschool Pvt Ltd reserves the right to change/modify its terms and conditions
  • Disputes if any would be resolved amicably by mutual discussion. In case it cannot be resolved it will be referred to arbitration of a sole arbitrator appointed by IMS Proschoool Pvt Ltd. The arbitration shall be governed by the provisions of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 or any other statutory modification or re-enactment thereof for the time being in force and any award or awards of such arbitrator shall be binding on all the parties to the said dispute. Arbitration proceedings will be conducted at Mumbai. Exclusive jurisdictions would be conferred on the courts at Mumbai.