Certified Financial Program is the highest qualified professional course in financial planning. With rising awareness among investors about various investment options, increasing volatility, opening of foreign markets, CFPs are witnessing a rise in demand.

If you’re keen on pursuing a course in financial planning, following are the details of the program:

• The subjects are split into 6 modules:
o Module I – Introduction to Financial Planning
o Module II – Risk Analysis & Insurance Planning
o Module III – Retirement Planning & Employee Benefits
o Module IV – Investment Planning
o Module V – Tax Planning & Estate Planning
o Module VI – Advanced Financial Planning

Exam format:
• The exams are conducted using computers and not pen and paper
• Regular Program:
o Exams 1-4
• Each exam is 2 hours each
• Each exam focuses on one of the modules from Module II to V and additionally also has 20% of the questions from Module I. Example: Exam 1 will have 80% questions from Module II and 20% from Module I; Exam 2 will have 80% questions from Module II and 20% from Module I and so on
• All multiple choice questions where you have to choose one out of four, no penalty
o Exam 5
• 4 hour long exam
• Based on Modules I to VI
• Case based multiple choice questions, no penalty
• Challenge Status Program:
o Same as exam 5 above

Registration body
The CFP Board

Fees (Do confirm with the FPSB website for the latest fee):
• Regular Program:
o Registration fees: Rs. 11,236
o Exams 1- 4: Rs. 2,247.2 per exam per attempt
o Exam 5: Rs. 5,618 per attempt
o After clearing, CFPCM Certification Fees: Rs. 5,618 (to be renewed annually)
o The above fees are for the Self-study mode without study material. Additional amount may need to be paid to procure study     material and in case of applying through an Education partner
• Challenge Status Program:
o Registration, Admin and processing fees (FPSB) is Rs. 19,101 or if using Education Partner then Registration, Admin and processing fees is Rs. 16,854
o Study Material: Rs. 4,500

Exam dates:
• The exams can be scheduled based on the candidate’s convenience subject to availability
• Exams are conducted every day except Sunday

Materials to bring to exam:
• Admission ticket
• Calculator
• Smartphones or smart watches are not allowed

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