Who can do ACCA


The ACCA is a large professional body spread across more than 170 countries in the world. An ACCA qualification is well respected in the industry. If you have a flair for accounting and want to pursue it as a career in a global context, it is a great choice. It is not necessary to be a CA to do this course. The course is also not overly expensive considering the fact that you will have a global accounting qualification at the end.

An ACCA is apt for you if:

1) You are strong in Maths / Accounting and are looking at commerce and accounting courses after HSC

The ACCA can be taken as soon as you have cleared your HSC. It makes sense to start early with such courses if you are reasonably sure you want to make a career in this field.

2) You already have an accounting / M.Com / CA background

It is intuitively the next step for a candidate looking for a global accounting career. The CA or M.Com courses will give you a lot of exemptions, as many subjects will be related.

3) You are looking at a global career or are planning to shift to the UK

If you are moving to the UK, either being sent by your firm or as a result of a personal decision, finding an accounting job there or doing your existing accounting job well there will be easier after having done this course.

4) You want to deepen your knowledge in accounting

If you are already in the financial or management accounting domain, especially working in a global firm, an ACCA will broaden your horizons as well as career progression prospects.

5) You want to improve your resume and role

ACCA is a globally recognized degree and speaks about your proficiency in accounting topics tested over 14 rigorous exams spread over a few years. This will definitely add to your resume and market value.

Summing up, you should take up the ACCA course if you wish to add proficiency of your existing accountancy skill sets, or pursue a finance career outside India. You also get to be a part of league of professional accountants around the globe, thereby opening many possible avenues for you.

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