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Level 1 of CFA® course highlights

Batches start every month | 8+ hours of live faculty-led training every week | Proven CFA® Program teaching methodology

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Check Your Eligibility

Anyone can enrol, but we suggest at least 18+ age.

Also, a background in economics, commerce, finance or business is usually suggested, however this is not mandatory.

  • Have a valid passport
  • a bachelor’s (or equivalent) degree OR be a final-year student (max. 11 months to prior to getting bachelor’s degree)
  • Be willing to take the exam in English language
  • Complete the Professional Conduct Statement form

Clear all 3 levels of the CFA® Program

Be a graduate (or be within 11 months of the same)

Have 4,000 hours of professional work experience (full-time, any field) OR a combination of professional work experience and education totaling 4,000 hours (education and work cannot overlap).


Chartered financial analyst®:

Awarded by CFA Institute and recognized as a powerhouse certification within the investment domain. CFA institute was established in 1947 to offer world-class financial education to investment professionals. Since then, organization has spread across the globe to over 165 countries.

On successful completion of Level 1 exam, students will receive a confirmation from CFA Institute. The Certified Financial Analyst will be available post Level 3.

Additional certificate from NSDC

Awarded to all students who successfully clear ProSchool’s internal assessment.

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Meet your expert faculty

Our faculty are all professionally qualified and have rich industry experience, essential for giving a practical context to concepts

Sameer Gunjal

CEO Ennavat Research Investment
and Capital (Hedge Fund)

Yogesh Sakunia

Ex-CRISIL | CA | CIMA Level 1 of
the CFA® program

Mushtaq Ali

18 Years of Experience
in Equity Research and FPA

Where Our Alumni Work

Our Alumni are all placed in reputed firms in high positions due to the knowledge and skills gained from this course.

Student Testimonials

We think we’ve earned their trust and respect

The thought of joining any other institute for Financial Modeling did not even pop up. Being an IIM postgraduate, there were very few jobs that matched my expectations but Proschool’s Placement Team did a stellar job!

Piyush Kheradikar, ICRA Limited

If you are looking for a course in Data Science then look no further than Proschool’s PG Diploma in Data Science. Highly recommended program!

Jyoti Dixit, Accenture

Proschool’s Business Analytics course gave me invaluable hands-on experience that I can apply in my day-to-day business scenarios.

Soumya Pal, Marketing Manager


Level I of the CFA® Program exam is held in two sessions of 135 minutes each. It consists of 180 multiple choice questions, and you also get optional breaks in-between.

Along with the level I of the CFA® Program classes, IMS Proschool provides two different options for attending those sessions, an online program and a classroom program. You also get 5 mock tests and 2000+ Practice Questions. IMS Proschool also provides 1:1 mentorship to the students from mentors who are all level I of the CFA® Program candidates and industry experts.

You can expect a salary of around 40 thousand per month in the beginning after passing the CFA Level 1 exam. But it depends on the company and the city you are based in. In a metro city like Mumbai or Bangalore, you can even get up to 45K each month on a beginner level.

It depends on your goals. If you have decided that you want to pursue a career in finance, then CFA® Program is a better choice than MBA. CFA® Program is more affordable than MBA and is more finance-specific as well. If you are still figuring out which subject to choose, then you can go for an MBA. But from a finance perspective, CFA® Program is better than MBA in every aspect.

No, CFA® Program certifications do not expire. The certification states that you have cleared the Level I of the CFA® Program  exam and that you do acquire the list of skills and knowledge tested.

To sit for the Level I of the CFA® Program exam, you’ll need a bachelor’s degree or at least be in the last year of any three-year degree program. You can also apply for this exam if you have 4,000 hours of relevant work experience. You’ll need an international travel passport as well before you enroll in the CFA® Program to take the exams.

Candidates will have to pay an enrolment fee of USD 450 one time. After that, the level I of the CFA® Program registration fee is USD 700 for those students who apply within the early registration deadlines. After that, you’ll have to pay USD 1000.

Particulars Fees
Enrolment fee USD 450
Early registration fee USD 700
Standard registration fee USD 1000

The candidates get a maximum of 6 attempts to clear the Level I of the CFA® Program exam. However, you can only take the exam twice in a one year period, but the gap between two attempts should be 6 months or more.

While the curriculum of the Level I of the CFA® Program is vast, it’s not that difficult to understand with the right preparation. The hard part of the exam is a large number of questions you’ll have to solve in the exam itself. The difficulty can be compared to a diploma level curriculum. But just like every other exam, you can clear Level I of the CFA® Program with proper mentorship and regular practice.

Countries like China, USA, Canada, UK and Australia have high demands for CFA® Program candidates. This is because CFA® Program is a course centered around everything related to finance, from procurement to management. MNCs in the finance sector are always on the lookout for CFA® Program passed candidates as they are skilled in finance and have practical experience due to the course. CFA® Program is very much in demand, and it will always stay in demand in the finance sector.

Yes, math is compulsory for CFA® Program. You cannot pass the CFA® Program exam without math. But on the bright side, CFA® Program relies more on analytical skills than mathematical skills. By enrolling in IMS Proschool’s level I of the CFA® Program classes, you can easily improve your math to pass the CFA® Program exams.

Yes, all three levels of CFA® Program have multiple-choice questions.

No, you cannot get a CFA® Program certificate without a degree. There is no precise requirement for the type of degree, but a degree is a must. You can even apply for the exam when you are in the last year of your degree.

Yes. Candidates get an optional in-between break of 30 minutes during the Level I of the CFA® Program exam.

To prepare for the Level I of the CFA® Program exam, you’ll need to study for an average of 300 hours in total. If you study for an average of 2.5 hours for 4 months, you can prepare really well for your Level I of the CFA® Program exam. This time is for self-study only; your learning sessions are not to be included here.

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The CFA instititue

The CFA institute was established in 1947. The institute was set up to offer world-class financial education to investment professionals. Since then, the CFA organization has spread across the globe, offering high-quality training to students in over 165 countries. The chartered financial analyst designation is recognized as a powerhouse certification within the investment domain. The course covers a variety of industry-specific subjects such as corporate finance, economics and financial analysis. There is also a high emphasis on ethics and professional standards. The CFA Institute has come a long way in its mission to set an unmatched standard for financial excellence.

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