Investment Banking Course

IMS Proschool offers various courses to prepare candidates for careers in Investment Banking. We offer these courses in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi & Hyderabad. In other cities we offer classes through Live Virtual Classroom (LVC).

Investment Banks help companies to raise capital through equity or debt. On the other hand they also help investors to find companies where they can invest for optimum return. Frequently, Investment Banks also end up helping/advising their clients on how to manage their various financial assets such as Real Estate, Debt Funds, Equity Funds etc.
An investment bank assists companies, individuals and governments in raising capital by underwriting and/or acting as the client's agent during the issuance of securities. Investment banks also assist companies involved in mergers and acquisitions, and provide ancillary services such as Market Making, Derivatives Trading, Foreign Exchange, Fixed Income Instruments,  Commodities, and Equity Securities.

There are two main lines of business in investment banking.
• Buy side investment firms : Companies include pension funds, mutual funds, hedge funds, and the investing public
• Sell-side firms : Companies include investment banks and securities firms. 
IMS Proschool offers three programs for those who want to make a career in Investment Banking.

Post Graduate Program in Investment Banking and Capital Markets (Gateway to CFA Qualification)

If you are pursuing your graduation or are a fresh graduate and want to build a long term career in Equity Research, then the 10 months - PG Program in Investment Banking & Capital Markets is the essential program for you. This program will groom commerce or non-commerce graduates for jobs in the Equity Research industry. This program follows CFA Level I Curriculum and hence will help you to prepare for Level I also. View more here.

NSE India Certification in Financial Modeling

If you want to build hands - on -skills for equity research careers in the short term, then Financial Modeling is the ideal course for you. In Financial Modeling, you will learn to gather historical information on companies and analyze company / industry performance on various financial parameters. This analysis is then used to build Equity Research - financial models. These models are then used to project future financial performance. Based on this model, investors can arrive at a suitable valuation. 
Financial Modeling is a three months program offered by IMS Proschool in association with NSE India (India’s largest Certification body in Finance) . View more here.

CFA Program

If you are looking for a professional qualification which is recognized globally then the CFA Program is the ideal program for you to build your career in Equity Research. The CFA curriculum has detailed sub-sections on Economics, Quantitative Methods, Financial Reporting and Analysis, Corporate Finance and Equity Investments. All of these are essential tools in the planning and analysis tool-kit of an Equity Research Analyst. View more here.